25 Compliments That Are Not About Appearance

cc: Rupi Kaur

Being noticed is nice. There are many of us who appreciate a genuine and kind compliment about the way we look. It gives us that little boost of confidence and can even turn around a bad day.

Just curious: what compliments have stuck with you the most? The ones you still remember and dwell on fondly, even though perhaps years have gone by?

Our appearance, however, isn't always within our control. What we spend our whole lives actively working on goes well beyond outer appearance:

  • Building knowledge and capacity
  • Increasing emotional intelligence
  • Kindness and generosity towards others
  • Being able to offer great advice
  • The ability to listen to, attune with others, and respond to their needs
  • Putting yourself first
  • Filtering out the noise to focus on YOUR wants and needs
  • Advocating for what matters and makes a difference

When we compliment the traits that people have likely done so much behind-the-scenes work on, it helps people feel truly seen. And that kind of recognition stays with you!

Without further ago, here are several ideas for compliments that have nothing to do with appearance.

Go forth and compliment, friends!

Compliments About Ability And Work Ethic

1. I love how thoughtfully you plan your day. Your routine inspires me!

2. The way you speak about your work or passions shows me how knowledgeable you are

3. Your eye for details is amazing! I love how you capture moments

4. You are reliable and dedicated- it makes me feel like anything you do is in good hands

5. I love how you take the time to understand something before speaking on it

6. You are a great communicator. I could learn a lot from the way you express your needs + wants and always make sure people are in the loop about events

7. The way you improvise in stressful and high-pressure situations is amazing!

8. How is everything you cook so delicious? I can taste the love and dedication you put into everything you make

9. You really have a way with words- everything you write has beauty and depth

Compliments About The Effect They Have On Others  

10. You see the best in others. It inspires me to look for good in the world too

11. You are an amazing listener. Every time I speak with you, I feel understood and meaningfully validated

12. Spending time with you makes me want to strive to be better

13. You have the best laugh! It's contagious, I can't help but smile when I'm with you

14. Have you noticed that kids love to be around you? They sense how genuine you are

15. Your hugs are the absolute best

16. The way you treat all animals and plants with love and kindness makes me more mindful of the value of ALL living things

17. Your energy is magnetic- people love to be around you

Compliments To Help Them Feel Noticed And Seen

18. I see how you've dedicated yourself to be more assertive, and it shows!

19. I notice how you pick yourself up after setbacks and it inspires me to be more persevering

20. I've learned so much from your advocacy work and the way you stand up for what you believe in

21. I notice the way you look out for and accommodate other people, even when it is difficult. You are seen and your efforts are appreciated

22. You've been exploring outside your comfort zone more and more lately and it's so inspiring!

23. The way you navigate disagreements has changed. I can imagine how much time and intentional effort goes into that! I see you :)

24. Have you noticed that you can create community anywhere you go? It's amazing and I admire it so much.

25. Your attention to the details is something I'm sure people miss, but I see your efforts and how they make everything you touch a little better.

Wrapping Up

When compliments are genuine and come from the heart, it shows! We often keep the nice things we think and feel about people in our head. What if we said them out loud more often?

I want to hear from you: What do you think the world be like if we were all just a little more open with our genuine good thoughts about each other?

Until next time!

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