About us

Nests are spaces where growth and learning can be cultivated in complete safety. 

Our name, which derives from our purpose, is to foster spaces of warmth, safety and comfort in order to make room for healing and growth.

We recognize that seeking therapy can at times feel uncomfortable. It takes courage to explore and address challenging experiences and emotions.

Our Goal

Supporting Your Healing Journey 

At Wellnest, our goal is to ensure that you always feel comfortable to discuss your emotions and address your challenging experiences. We provide a safe, non-judgemental, and compassionate environment to help you explore your challenges and to better understand yourself and your mental health.

We will work with you and help you manage your life and difficulties more effectively.

Our Story

Wellness today doesn’t reflect our complexities as people

As BIPOC psychotherapists, our goal is to facilitate access to the spaces and resources our younger selves once needed. We work to foster environments that honour different identities, journeys and values.

For far too long, people of colour have been underrepresented in the mental health space, both as providers of psychotherapy services and seekers of those services.

Our lived experiences and observations led us to understand that one of the most fundamental areas of change needed in our field is for better representation of its professionals. We want people, no matter their journey or their identity, to feel seen and heard as they navigate their healing.

Our Values, Services and Mission

Creating wellness services that reflect the needs of our communities

Since August 2019, our practice has focused on bringing together a diverse group of therapists with the core objective of providing a range of support services to our diverse communities in Ontario. Our focus, above all, is anti-oppressive, anti-racist, feminist, trauma-informed and LGBTQ2IS-aligned. 

Our services are also unique in that our psychotherapists are able to deliver support that is culturally, religiously and linguistically compatible.