About us

Nests are spaces where safety, well-being, and growth are cultivated. The purpose behind our name is representative of the environment that we strive to foster: one of safety, resilience and nurturing.

The problem

Getting help isn't easy

We recognize that seeking therapy can at times feel uncomfortable. It takes courage to explore and address difficult experiences and emotions, and we strive to ensure that you always feel comfortable.

Our purpose is to provide you with a safe and compassionate environment as we work to help you explore your challenges, understand yourself and your mental health, and to help manage your life more effectively.

Our story

Wellness today doesn’t reflect our complexities as people

As psychotherapists who have both worked and accessed support in the field, we often felt underrepresented personally and professionally.

We learned that the spaces in which we sought support did not always reflect our own identities, and from that experience stemmed our need to create change in our field of work.

The solution

Creating wellness services that reflect the needs of our communities

Over the past few years, we have worked together on our shared goal of creating a space of a racially diverse group of therapists with the objective of providing a range of support services, our focus is anti-oppressive, anti-racist, feminist, trauma-informed and LGBTTQ-alligned.

Our services are also unique in that our psychotherapists are able to deliver support that is culturally, religiously and linguistically appropriate.